Forgot about Father’s Day because I was all caught up in seeing Limp Wrist

Which is probably just as well because I got a lot out of both shows both personally and ‘academically’, more than I would have gotten out of feeling angry about the way my birth father treated me while simultaneously feeling really upset about how much I miss my stepfather and how he used to take really great care of me.

While I was completely uninterested in the bro-stravaganza of openers at tonight’s show, last night In School played with them. It’s one thing to see Limp Wrist; seeing them after watching Martín stand right up front and thrash to your favorite local band of local babes is something entirely different. (In fact, he stood up front for both openers, that might be an obnoxious thing for me to judge but sorry not sorry that sort of keeping-it-real type move counts with me.)

Either way, both nights reminded me exactly why I thought it would be worth it to write a dissertation about them and their articulation and performance of queerness, and what kind of impact it’s had on its audiences. Those audiences include people who are my friends, people I look up to and care about and some of whom escorted me back to the subway after the show; thusly I have many feels and field notes (not something I really normally do as a historian, but that’s cool!?) to process. Faith in genre and its potential to promote positive things is officially revived.

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