I spent all of yesterday re/writing a submission for a friend’s zine on grief

It took until like 2 in the morning, I’m still exhausted from it, I have to make up all the school work I didn’t do yesterday somehow, and there’s a good chance it won’t even make it into the zine because formatting is a tricky mistress who can’t always be persuaded to cooperate. BUT whatever, I am still really proud of how it turned out, and it gave me a chance to write/say a lot of things I just really needed to express. Deadlines: daunting, but they also pave the way for catharsis, apparently.

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nuyorican grad student's notes on race, class/capital, and gender in 'punk' and diy subculture, b/w occasional 'real life stuff', cute animals, and relevant screen caps. she/they pronouns.

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